Absolute Live

Instructions on how to use the Absolute Live USB file

ZIP available for download

From Sourceforge

From Slackware.uk: AbsoluteLive-20220825.zip

From Absolute Home: AbsoluteLive-20220825.zip

  • Will only work on bios set to boot non-AHCI. Legacy. This is a limitatiion of the Linux Live Kit I used to create it. Make sure any bios SATA settings are legacy/ata, legacy ROM enabled, boot legacy before AHCI, etc.

  • Does NOT feature an install option. This will run Absolute from the USB stick so you can check out the features,
    -- but you would need to download the install ISO if you would like to get Absolute on your hard drive.
Save the zip somewhere safe and then we will get the USB stick ready...
Create a LIVE USB stick for Absolute
Thank you for using Absolute! Steps to make it bootable from your USB device are following:

On Windows:

  1. Copy the entire /Absolute/ directory to your USB drive. If you are using Windows, you will get for example E:\Absolute\ You probably already did this - just make sure you are on your USB drive now and not on your local harddisk.

  2. Now navigate to directory /Absolute/boot/ on your USB drive. In Windows, it will be E:\Absolute\boot\ for example. Use explorer or any other file manager for this task.

  3. While you're in the boot directory, locate file bootinst.bat Run it by doubleclicking it. It will setup your USB to boot.

-- That's it. Your USB device is now ready to boot Absolute.

Initial login for LIVE USB:
User: "root" password: "root"

On Linux:

  1. Get your USB stick ready, I format mine to ext4

  2. Most Linux operating systems will mount USBs with the execute bit off... So I unmount the newly-formatted USB stick, then remount it with upped permissions.
    (I also tend to mount to /mnt/memory... don't ask me why :/ And /dev/sdf1 might not be your drive. Check that first.

  3. umount /dev/sdf1
    mount -o rw,exec /dev/sdf1 /mnt/memory

  4. Untar to the path you put in above:
    "tar -xf /usr/src/AbsoluteLive-20220825.tar.xz --strip-components=1 --directory /mnt/memory"
    (It will take a little while, being over 3 GB.)

  5. On the USB, navigate to /Absolute/boot and run the script bootinst.sh typing
    Or open a terminal:
    "sh /mnt/memory/Absolute/boot/bootinst.sh"

-- That's it. Your USB device is now ready to boot Absolute.

I also have more detailed instructions for making the USB LIVE stick under Linux, involving gparted, if you wish to take a look aat those instructions here.

Initial login for LIVE USB:
User: "root" password: "root"