Topic: screen brightness - bootup

I am having some difficulty with screen brightness; that is everything is pretty dark.

I tried putting vga=normal in lilo.  I thought this had fixed it, but upon the next boot it was back; maybe not as bad , but still not good.

Does anyone have any ideas?

TIA smile

Re: screen brightness - bootup

You can try absGamma...

right-click on screen,
choose SCREEN GAMMA from the menu.

Then you can mess with the brightness.
**** Make sure to:check:
before you click "Save and Exit"
for settings to be permanent for the current user.

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Re: screen brightness - bootup

I forgot to mention that I had already tried xrandr to increase screen brightness.  Just like (did the same thing as xrandr) it just bleached the screen out.  So I dont think brightness is the issue.

It kind of reminds myself of a power issue while on battery - that is the screen is dimmed to save on power; I also forgot to mention it is a laptop.


I think I have fixed the issue by placing an append command in lilo.conf

<code>append="acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor"</code>

I did try a simple append="acpi=off" but what this did was shrink the screen size, but the backlight issue did vanish.