Topic: Absolute-15.0 Beta1 Released

Updated all to Slackware-current (64),
    releasing as 15.0 Beta 1
    Dropped support for x86
    Releasing as beta, giving the opportunity to get extra
    testing and feedback prior to final. Also to help mitigate
    the current meltdown and spectre security problems.

    Other changes : PaleMoon is the default browser, but
    Firefox also installed. (If PaleMoons default page search
    gives you problems, just go the the search page you want,
    then drag and drop the page icon onto the homepage button.)
    Python 3 (and wxpython/GTK 3) and QT5 are included
    as well as python2.7 and QT4.
    Includes Kodi Home Theater 17.6.
    Most everything recompiled.
    Remember to run the MultiMedia installer
    if you are interested in additional codecs.
    Start Menu > System Tools > Multimedia Installation

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