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Topic: ethernet connection keeps connecting and disconnecting

Hello everyone!

I am quite new to linux distros and absolute linux in particular, so bear with me if i ask "stupid questions" for i am indeed a newbie. Here it comes:

Yesterday i set up Absolute linux on an old SAMSUNG netbook (model NP-N130, specs here: http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/pcs/ … 04US-specs), using rufus 2.17 to create a bootable usb from the absolute-14.2.iso. Choosing the "default guided installation" it worked quite well and installed without problems.

I ran into my first issue, when i plugged my ethernet cable in: The network centre cycles as follows:
~1s: trying to connect
~0.5s: connected
~1s: disconnected

During the 0.5 seconds i am indeed able to load websites (tried it with the google.com frontpage under the preinstalled firefox).

I am running into a similar problem trying to connect to my wi-fi. It connects for a really short period before it disconnects automatically and stays disconnected until i prompt it to connect again.

From my perspective, the fault should lie with either the distro-intrinsic networking protocols, missing drivers for the notebooks network-card or my router.

Does someone have an idea how i can check and fix this connectivity problem?

If you need additional information provided, just tell me the needed console-commands (as i said, i am pretty new to this and linux in general).

Kind regards and thanks in advance,

P.S.: oh, and i accidentally installed a qwerty-us-keymapping. Is there any console command that switches it to qwertz-germany mapping? I tried some digging in the forums and wiki for slackware, but the commands i found don't quite do the trick, especially when i try to permanently change it for all users, not just one-session-one-user. It is more of a minor annoyance at this point, but help would be appreciated smile