Topic: "Autoinstall"-Option doesn't recognize HD?


Thank's a lot for sending me the registration for this forum so fast!
My english isn't correct, so I would like to excuse me for that...

I've tryed to install Absolute 14.12 and now 14.2 first on a Siemens-Nixdorf and now an a Thinkpad t60.
In both times the build-in HD is formatted with Ntfs-Filesystem.

The welcome screen (first dialog-field) of Absolute recognized the Ntfs-HD and asked to format the disk with cfdisc manualy or use the 'autosinstall' option.

In both cases I choosed 'autoinstall', but instead showing the just recognized Ntfs-HD to whipe, it says, no target had been choosed and exit the Installation-Program.
The first 'Autopartition'-dialog for choosing a HD to format is not displayed!

Should I install manually? I would prefer 'autosinstall', because I'm not shure about the size of the swap-partition.
And can't understand, why it's not working!