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It seems man-page support has been broken in the last few versions of Absolute (14.12 and 14.2). The man-pages seem to missing for most packages. Those that do exist tend to come from packages compiled after install (like the multimedia packages), my custom-built packages and 3rd party packages (like wine).

What is strange is that, for example, a "cat" of /var/log/packages/rsync-3.1.2-x86_64-1 shows "usr/man/man1/rsync.1.gz", but the man-page file itself is nowhere to be found on the system.

Are they missing by omission or commission?


Re: Man-pages missing?

Okey, how does your manpath look?

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Re: Man-pages missing?

echo $MANPATH returns:


I do not believe it is a MANPATH issue. The actual manual files simply do (did!) not exist on the hard drive. See my previous comment regarding rsync. I checked and there is no "/usr/man/man1/mv.1.gz" either (or any man files for coreutils as a whole). I decided to look a bit further into this.

I had the same man-page problem with 14.12, on multiple machines, and "solved" it then by reinstalling most packages from the online repositories. So, I decided to reinstall coreutils and rsync packages from the Absolute-current repository, and voila, all the man-pages from those 2 package are available!

So, I wonder if there is some issue with the packages on the installation ISO, or glitch in the installation routine?

Re: Man-pages missing?

Whatever's wrong you corrected your situation.

As I'm sure Pual gives these a glance, he'll pull what's relevant and quietly move on.

Thanks for the update.

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