Topic: Questions on new installation

So, I went ahead and installed 14.12 on virtualbox and came across a few items...

1. Installation took about an hour!!!

2. Booting time takes a long time
  - I tried modifying lilo but booting still takes a long time

3. The clock doesn't show the right time. I changed it but the changes never stay

I would like to replace lilo with grub to see if that fixes the booting issue...

I still haven't been able to figure out how to make the time changes to stay.

I might try to reconfigure the kernel to see if that fixes the booting issues as well. I will keep you guys posted if I'm able to get them fix.

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Re: Questions on new installation

Hi Manny,

Installing AL took quite a while for me, too. No problem with booting, though: about 45 seconds on my Lenovo laptop. How long does it take for you? And what about your hardware specs - could they matter?
Did you use the autoinstall option or did you set up Lilo manually as described at ?

I have had no problems setting time/date. Could it have something to do with your timezone settings? Try running timeconfig (as root) and see if that helps.