Topic: wifi and size of installation

I am having problems with my wifi; I see others are as well.

I am also shocked at how much space the installation takes; I have a 10gig partition that is just about full; why?


Re: wifi and size of installation

Since switching to 64-bit a while back, I  gave up trying to pare down the distro size.
I cannot see too many situations where reasonably modern hardware is lacking
the disk space to host a large number of development libraries,
which Absolute does.

Absolute 15 has both python 2.x and 3.x.
QT 4.x and 5.x,
as well as the kernel source and MANY other libs.

With the distro I like 3 things:

1.) Fast - cut down on daemons and bloated interfaces, lightweight (cpu/memory) in everything needed as much as possible.
2.) Stays out of my way -- don't want the OS updating and holding my hand or otherwise interrupting me.
3.) Have the libraries and toolchains needed to try out/compile just about anything.

I spent a LOT of time in the past trimming everything down to fit on a single CD...
then having to add a whole bunch of stuff after installation.

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Re: wifi and size of installation

This disk usage is typical of Slackware but is one of the things dedicated Slackers love about the distro - many development libraries and toolchains are installed by default (but of course very few processes are started on bootup so the distro feels lightweight).

The full installation is what developers really appreciate - almost everything you need is already installed. This full installation is also one of the reasons why the lack of dependency checking in the basic Slackware package tools is not a problem - any library dependencies are already installed!

All this does mean that Slackware uses more disk space than other lightweight distros, but as Paul says this is not much of a problem with modern hardware. Best to set your VM to 16GiB though!

Just my thoughts,