Topic: You tube sound.

I can't get any sound on my computer and can't play you tube with sound. Are there any packages that need to be  installed after installing linux? Dos anyone else have this issue?



Re: You tube sound.

For my AMD system, sound worked just fine.

I think your problem may be related to pulseaudio.

Have a look whether pulseaudio is running on your system:

On my system, it runs on PID 1270 right now

1270 ?        S<l   22:00 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog

Also have a look to try to find out what error you get, if you get any.

I compiled ffmpeg and mpv from source and it works very well for
my system (I use latest git snapshots for both).

To answer your question, for firefox - I had sound output by default
after starting firefox, I can watch youtube videos just fine (I am
watching the old tales from the crypt series right now... some of
the episodes are AWESOME).

Also have a look at "alsamixer" and run it in the terminal; sometimes
it may be mute and then pressing "m" should toggle it.

Sorry to not be able to help more - if you have a specific error,
perhaps it may be easier to help, but sound output should work
just fine. Perhaps you have a somewhat unusual hardware
setup in regards to audio? Does your system work with other
distributions, do you happen to know?

Awesome distributions: slackware-family, GoboLinux, VoidLinux and in general all systemd-free variants