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How can I select a different one?

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You need to install  lxappearance. It is available in and you can install it using two methods.
a. slapt-src --install lxappearance
b. Download the slackbuild , build , and install it with installpkg lxappearance....tgz

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Thank you.

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Thank you but unfortunately slapt-rc wasn't recognised. has lxappearance-0,
However I converted it to a tgz file using
Compiling it as suggested produced:

WARNING: Package has not been create with 'makepkg' followed by:
Package  lxappearance-0,6.2.tgz installed.

I assumed that a binary would appear either at /usr/bin or /usr/bin/local but I cannot find one.
Can you tell me what I have missed?

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slapt-src is equivalent to slapt-get but it reads not the absolute repository.
On my Absolute 14.2 installation i downloaded from There are slackware packages for slackware 32 & 64 bit.
once i dowloaded i installed as root using the command installpkg srapt-src...tgz
In /etc/slapt-get/slapt-srcrc file changed the source to SOURCE= and run slapt-src -u from the terminal.Then searched for the lxappearance package
slapt-src --search lxappearance
and installed what was found
slapt-src --install lxappearance
In order to avoid typping slapt-src --search or --install i added this lines in my  ~/.bashrc file
alias se="sudo slapt-get --search"  ( for slapt-get --search i type se )
alias in="sudo slapt-get --install"     ( for slapt-get --install i type in )
alias sse="slapt-src --search"          ( for slapt-src --search i type sse )
alias sin="slapt-src --install"             ( for slapt-get --install i type sin )

Slacbuilds are files which a user makes them executable to build a package from source.
Make a directory in your /home ( i have named mine as builds )
Go to the page search for the desired package
If the package has any dependences start with them lxappearance doesn't)
Download the slackbuild and place it in the builds folder
Extract it  ( -tar -xvf lxappearance.tar.gz .this command will create a folder named lxappearance and inside it will extract everithing fron lxappearance.tar.gz )
Download the source ( lxappearance-0.6.2.tar.xz ) and place it in /builds/lxappearance.
Enter /build/lxappearance/ an make the slackbuild executable  ( chmod +x lxappearance.SlackBuild )
Become root ( su -l ) and enter the /builds/lxappearance folder.
Build the package    ( ./lxappearance.SlackBuild )
The created package is in /tmp directory.
As root go to /tmp ( cd /tmp) and install the package using installpkg ( installpkg lxappearance ......tgz )

Use the whereis command to find the location of the installed package. ( whereis lxappearance )
if installed correctly
whereis lxappearance
lxappearance: /usr/bin/lxappearance /usr/include/lxappearance /usr/share/lxappearance /usr/man/man1/lxappearance.1.gz
as root update the database slocate uses ( updatedb ) and run  ( locate lxappearance ) to fiind all the files that their name contains the word lxappearance.