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Topic: Installing software

I have an ancient Panasonic toughbook with very modest specs (Pentium 233 and 256mb ram) Due to its poor spec I experiment with various distros to try and get the best performance which has bought me to Absolute Linux as it is lightweight friendly. I have it installed (14.2) without too much difficulty and it seems to run very well but do not have a browser. Chrome throws an error that my hardware is no longer supported and won't run at all. So how do I install say midori or firefox and I need an email client, say Sylpheed. I did try running

ftp://ftp.absolutelinux.org/Extra/Firef … 86-1AL.txz

as per instructions from Paul Sherman as root but the command is not recognised.
Can anyone help please. My Linux ability is very limited and I will need idiots guide typeinstructions please.

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Re: Installing software

Hi David,

I agree, AbsoluteLinux is an excellent distro for a vintage PC. I ran it successfully on an old Dell laptop (although with 1GB RAM) Your 256 MB RAM will probably work even if it slows down more resource-demanding tasks a bit.

For Mozilla's browser/e-mailclient you could try the following:

Start GSlapt (the easy to use package manager for Slackware). If you don't find it elsewhere in your start menu, use Control Center > Software > Package manager

In GSlapt, go to Edit > Preferences > Sources

Add the source

(It is a perfectly reliable repository)

Click the Update button. Now the packages mozilla-firefox 45.0.1 and mozilla-thunderbird 38.7.2 are available to install. Hopefully they will work for you.

If Firefox turns out to be too resource-heavy for your limited RAM, try adding another repo/source to GSlapt:
http://slackware.org.uk/people/alien/sb … rrent/x86/

After updating you'll find the package Chromium 49.0 among your options. Chromium is an open source variety of Chrome.


Re: Installing software

That seems to be working Karl. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.