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Is there another network manager that I can use other than the one shipped with distro?    It is constantly going in and out of connectivity with my wireless network...Very frustrating.  Lenovo T61P laptop

Only does this with Absolute installed..flawless otherwise.

Re: Network manager applet

Any good guesses?  Its not only on my T61P but on a totally different Laptop..Granted another lenovo but still totally different.  I also downloaded Zenwalk who uses the same network applet and does the exact same thing.   Its only slackware based distros that do this as puppy based distros have no issue and Ubuntu based distros have no issues either...  Problem is, I prefer Slackware based distros like Absolute here...

Re: Network manager applet

There's wicd, but it seems as if it's not maintained anymore. However, I've had the problems you described with wicd on another slackware distro, so maybe it's a slackware problem somehow?

After installing AbsoluteLinux 14.12 I had some trouble with networkmanager. I downgraded to version 1.0.6 and that works fine for me on a Lenovo u330p. Connection sometimes drops when connected to the WLAN at work, but that's probably due to insufficient coverage. At home I've had no problems at all.

I could send you the 1.0.6 txz package should you want to try it (if you can't find it in a repo somewhere). Drop me an e-mail (my address is in the user list)